Lazumba coffee, based in Bali, sources the finest gourmet Arabica coffee beans from around the world. Lazumba supplies the finest hotels and restaurants in Bali and all over Indonesia. Our coffee beans are roasted and blended in Bali by our master roaster. This time-honoured tradition coupled with cutting  edge technology provides exceptional taste, freshness and optimum quality. Our award winning coffee will satisfy every connoisseur, and our coffee has now become one of the leading brands in Indonesia.

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Coffee Blends

Gourmet Blend – medium to dark roast

Green lazumba cup3

A mixture of Arabica coffee beans from South America, Central America, Indonesia and other parts of Asia, blended to perfection, producing a full-bodied, silky smooth, well balanced blend with a thick crème and delicious aroma. Well suited for espresso and specialty coffees alike.

Intenso Blend – medium to dark roast


A blend of high grade Arabica & Robusta coffee beans from Highlands of Indonesia’s finest coffee growing regions. Full of strength, body, aroma and taste.

Saturo Blend – medium to dark roast 


A blend of Arabica & Robusta beans from Flores &  the Javanese highlands of Indonesia, offering a full bodied, medium acidity blend with dark chocolate & caramel notes.

Premium Blend – medium to dark roast



Combining  quality Arabica & Robusta from Indonesia to create a robust coffee with your budget in mind.

Premium – medium to dark roast



A blend of Arabica beans from the Indonesian archipelago. Medium body with low acidity.

Single Origin Coffees

Toraja – medium to dark roast



Highest quality Arabica beans sourced from the highlands of Sulawesi, Indonesia, offering a full bodied flavour with nutty caramel tones.

Flores – medium to dark roast



Highest quality Arabica beans from the highlands of Flores, Indonesia, with a mild yet rich flavor, together with delicate nut and fruit tones.

Papua- medium to dark roast



Highest quality Arabica beans from the highlands of Papua, delivering complex layers of Chocolate & Berry which carry into a rich rounded finish.

Decaffeinated – medium roast



Using the all-natural Swiss Water Process, the Lazumba Decaffeinated blend incorporates only the highest quality Arabica beans sourced from Indonesia and all around the world, to deliver a smooth, full flavoured coffee.